One of the easiest ways I’ve found to be mindful is to adopt the belief that everything is sacred.

Literally everything.

If something is sacred it becomes a lot harder to disrespect or dismiss or disregard it.

We don’t neglect it or toss it aside or brush past it.

We put it where it belongs, we take care of it, we treat it with respect.

This can apply to all sorts of things.

Literally everything.

Put the TV remote on the table where it goes instead of throwing it across the room.

Put your clothes up instead of leaving them in the dryer.

Shut the door instead of slamming it.

Wash the bird poop off your car.

Vacuum the carpet.

Clean the bathroom.

All the while, remembering that these things are all sacred.

Everything is.

Even people.

Even what people say.

Listen to the words they speak because they are sacred too.

Answer their questions with love and kindness.

Help them with what they ask, and ask them honest, intentional questions.

Value their experience, the emotions, their struggles and dreams.

Just give them a hug.

Even the people closest to you, the ones you see every day.

The ones we take for granted.

Let everything be sacred.

Even yourself.

Your experience.

Be kind to yourself, cut yourself some slack.

Take care of yourself.

You don’t even have to believe that everything is sacred for this work, just behave as if it were true.

It is hard to neglect anything we regard as sacred, so let everything in the present be sacred.

Be intentional.

Be kind.

Be compassionate.

Slow down.

It’s all sacred.