I’ve had times where I’ve wanted to be a little more than I am.

I wanted to like classical music and more complicated food and things like that. I would still like to be more well-traveled, Juarez is the only place I’ve been outside the United States. I think I am probably pretty simple when it comes down to it.

My problem is that I really like going the same places and doing the same things.

I like knowing my way around, I like having regular places I go. I like trying to really “know” a place. And I don’t really think there is anything wrong with this, just like there is nothing wrong with wanting to go a lot of places and see a lot of things.

Here’s my thing.

I would really like to go to China, Japan, Iceland, Alaska, and Peru. I would like to see what Tokyo looks like and see the cranes in Hokkaido. I would like to see the Great Wall and the new 20,000,000 square foot mall they built in China. I would like to drive the Ring Road in Iceland, hike Machu Picchu in Peru (Huayna Picchu is a maybe these days, I find I don’t do as well with heights as I used to) and see everything in Alaska. These all seem like these giant, super-cool things in this world.

Larger than life.

But then I am in Lone Grove, Oklahoma, and I realize there is more there than I would ever really be able to see or do.

There are more people there than I will ever be able to know, more stories than I could ever hear. All sorts of local traditions and places that mean something to the people who love there. Everywhere we go is somebody’s home, everywhere means something to somebody. Every person I’ve ever met has something interesting to say and a life story to tell.

I like going to visit my grandma and taking her to Golden Corral and watching Wheel of Fortune and Shark Tank. I like going to New Mexico and hiking the trails I grew up on and hanging out with my family. I like visiting my parents and sitting on the back porch and talking. I like going to wrestling shows with B and watching her matches and meeting the people in that area who share this odd subculture with us. I like being home, and playing Magic the Gathering with Tyler and watching Minions with Max for the 50th time and walking down to the same park I’ve been walking to for 15 years now.

We can never actually know everything about a place or a person, so I don’t really get bored. Maybe I am easily entertained, but I am pretty happy.

I am going to Japan and China one day though.

Where is your favorite place to be?

Where would you like to go?