I hear a lot of people talk about the fear of missing out, and it even has its own little acronym now.

It’s easy to struggle with FOMO in a world of social media and non-stop internet saturation. Your friend is on another cruise, your ex is out with all those people. Everything in the world is so much closer than it has ever been, but it also feels further away as we have a thousand ways to make ourselves unhappy no matter where we are.  All the while, someone out there is jealous of your life while you’re jealous of everyone else’s.

I wonder if there is someone at the top of the pile, the one person who everyone is jealous of.

I’ll bet Kanye thinks it’s him.

Focusing on anything anyone else has is imagination. It’s not real, and we are picking out the best parts of their world without the associated hassles that are inherent in everything.

We see the cruise without the stress of making it to the gate on time, the kid leaving behind their favorite toy and screaming bloody murder, the sea sickness and the unnerving couple from the Midwest who drink too much and are exploring open relationships.

We always see the high-lights without the associated real lights.

Even Kanye fights with his wife and gets stomach bugs and wakes up with cricks in his neck and can’t find anything good on TV, he just doesn’t Tweet about those moments or post them on Instagram. Most of us don’t.

There’s nothing to miss, it’s all right here.


Turn off the computer.

Delete the apps.


What else is there?