If I were to name one of the things I most frequently see plaguing many people, especially young men, it would be follow-through.

I see it in people with a dozen good ideas but zero execution, people with every intention of making a positive change in their lives and, very often, as the reason why people do not trust their partners.

Follow-through plagued me for a large part of my life.

I still have hundreds (yes, hundreds) of unfinished books (both books I was reading and books I was going to write) and the number of projects I started and dropped when they got tedious are uncountable.

There are a few reasons for a lack of follow-through.

Coming up with ideas is the fun part, so we drop the ball when it comes time to actually do the work.

There are so many distractions now. Yes, there are more than in the past. Video games and unlimited streaming movies and internet pornography and social media trigger our biological reward centers in ways we have yet to learn how to cope with.

A lack of faith in the idea one has or the change one wants to make.

An inability to see the bigger picture at the end of completing the project we set up for ourselves.

The need for immediate gratification we have trained into ourselves.

What keeps you from doing the big thing you want or need to do?

What would your life look like if you were to accomplish the big thing?

Why can’t you start today?