Ghosts Can’t Hurt Us

This is not a post debating the reality of ghosts.

Ghosts are the perfect example of being afraid of being afraid. I don’t know why they are scary, but they freak us out. Unless we are talking about a poltergeist or something, ghosts can’t really do anything to us except make noises and rattle chains and stuff like that, but they scare us.

Much of what we struggle with in life is like this.

It all seems huge and overwhelming and unhandleable.

But, when we really stop and look at it, we could very much handle it. Sometimes it’s not even that scary. Like a ghost, it’s really just the idea of it that freaks us out. Once the situation is in front of us, it just becomes another part of life to deal to deal with. Once it is passed, it becomes just another story in our life.The worst part about it was the anticipation, the fear of fear. We suffer more worrying about it than we do with the actual situation. When it comes time to take concrete steps to deal with it, it’s simple.

Harmless Ghosts

I couldn’t handle losing my job.

Yes, you could. It would suck but you would find another one. It might even be an opportunity to find a better job.

I couldn’t handle my marriage ending.

Yes, you could. It would be miserable and painful, but you would work through it. It could even be an opportunity to grow and evolve.

I couldn’t handle failing.

Yes, you could. It would be humiliating and embarrassing, but you would survive. It might even force you to take an honest look at yourself and make some positive changes.

Just ghosts.

What are the ghosts in your life?

What do you fear because your mind tells you to fear it?

What would the concrete steps for working through it look like?

What can ghosts really do to you?