I shirked and shied away from responsibility for a vast majority of my life.

I called it different things like laziness, or not giving a…something. I couched it behind different pale ideologies like resisting the capitalistic desire to control my life through work or not buying into the western concept that our lives should be regimented into a functional grind. I suppose I believed these things at the time, but my dodging responsibility was something different.

It was really rooted in fear, which is often fueled by selfishness.

I prized what I wanted and how I wanted to spend my time above all else, thinking this would make me happy. I was unhappy, and no matter how much more time I shoveled into doing my own thing, the less happy I became.

Today, responsibilities seem to govern my life.

Between running an office and a blog and trying to get other projects off the ground, and having a family and trying to live a healthy life and be a good dad and husband and continue to grow as a human being, I don’t have a lot of time for what I want.

And, I have never been happier.

My life isn’t about me anymore, and I am doing my part (I think) for my family and my community and my society, and there is something inside of us that needs to live this way. I am grateful to responsibility for teaching me this.

How do you feel when you dodge your responsibilities?

How do you feel when you do the things that are required of you as a human being?

Would it be easier to embrace these things instead of resisting them?