I have had a couple of people ask me about the habits that make my life easier, so I thought this week’s roundup could look at a couple of them. A few may seem odd or restrictive, but they really work for me.

Go to bed at a decent time, get up early. We forget how much of our history as a species was spent without electricity, and where the dark represented death. I think we have a natural rhythm to our sleep patterns and that the more we can stay within it, the better we feel. I know some people seem to be nocturnal, but they will tell you that a regular sleep schedule is important for them, even if it is during the day. Also, don’t sleep too much.

Cold showers. People rarely try this one, but of the ones that do, they tend to stick with it. I don’t have a firm reason, but cold showers leave me feeling better all day, and reduce the grogginess and lethargy I used to feel after showering. It’s also supposed to be good for your hair and all sorts of other things. Try it in increments, and just lukewarm at first. You’ll like it.

The Rule of Three. You can try to do a thousand things every day, accomplish very few and be unhappy, or you can be specific and shoot for three, actually get them done, and feel good about your day. I do this daily for smaller tasks, and weekly for larger projects. Here’s a great blog about it.

Journal with Intention. There is this 5 Minute Journal format out there, and it is awesome. Here are some changes I’ve made and prompts I’ve added that I’ve found useful, stolen from smart people like Tim Ferriss and conversations with friends and clients. Take 5 minutes every morning and evening to plan and reflect.

Make note of what I am complaining about, stop

Gratitude for:

An old relationship (good or bad)

A current relationship (good or bad)

An opportunity I have today

Something great from yesterday

Something simple near me

What would make today great?

What are some amazing things that happened today?

What mistakes did I make today? How will I correct them?

Insightful questions/realizations I don’t want to forget

What would I be doing differently if I was truly conscious of the fact that I will die someday?

Watch this video on The Sublime. Make note of the things that make me realize just how insignificant I am and how small my problems are. 

What obstacles am I not seeing as opportunities?

I am always looking for use things to incorporate into my life, what are some daily habits that help you?