I talk to people all the time who wonder how everyone else has it together and they don’t.

I think we all do this, it seems like everyone else has it all figured out.

I still haven’t hit the age or the level of maturity where I feel like I am one of the 39-year-olds who were around me when I was a kid. They had good jobs and were debt free and never fought with their families and paid cash for everything and always kept their house clean.

Except that none of that is true.

They had all the problems that everyone else has, I just didn’t notice because I was a kid. A few turned out to have more serious problems than the average person has.

This is still true of the people around us, except it’s on steroids with social media where people can post all the best moments of their lives without allowing us any access to the nights they drink too much and throw up on the dog.

We are always seeing the highlights of everyone else’s life because it is human nature to hide the embarrassing or socially unacceptable aspects of how we live.

Even the worst movie would look good if it was only the highlights.

Except The Notebook.

It’s terrible.

Just admit it.

What would your life look like if you only saw the highlights?