We talked about follow-through yesterday, something that is distinctly lacking in many of our lives.

I still struggle with it when I get focused on too many different ideas.

So what can we do about this?

There are a few things.

Establish accountability. This is a dirty word these days for some reason, we feel like it infringes on our right to do what we want. It does, and that is why it is valuable. Pick someone whose opinion matters to you and get them onboard with what you are trying to do. Leverage your ego’s need for approval against your ego’s desire to be lazy.

Figure out what keeps you from doing what you need to do and get rid of it. Sell your game system, delete your social media, give away all the garbage food in your house, whatever. Commit.

Have a clear understanding of exactly why you want to make this change or do this thing. Keep this front and center in your mind. Put a notecard on your mirror, create a vison board, whatever. Know your why.

Cultivate distress tolerance for the times when things are tough and you want to give up. Meditate. Value discipline and persistence over passion and motivation.

Have a clear plan to do your thing. Don’t let it be some giant, amorphous project that looms over you, break it down into manageable pieces and work on them one at a time. When you finish one, start the next. Celebrate small victories but do not mistake them for the war. Keep moving.

Everyone has things they want to do.

Cool ideas and creative ventures and life-changing new habits.

Very few people seem to actually follow these through.

Be one of the very few.