Everything that goes on in our head is just imagination.

All of it.

Some of it is easily recognized as imagination.

Fantasies about having a super power or saving the day when tragedy strikes.

Some of it is more realistic but still easily recognized.

Imagining trips you might take one day or picturing what it would have been like if you married someone else.

The real issue are the things that trick us into thinking they are more than imagination, the things that have just enough reality to seem truthful.

Thoughts about what our partner is thinking or their real motives for doing what they did.

Ideas about how our day is going to go.

Playing out conversations in our head.

These seem realistic, but it’s just the difference between a movie about a manned flight to Mars and a movie about a cop who know Kung Fu going back in time to kill Hitler. One seems more realistic, but it is still a movie.

Just because something could happen doesn’t make it real.

This is true of anything that is not going on right in front of us.  It’s just imagination.

To further complicate things, even when things are happening right in front of us they pass through a few layers if imagination before we “see” them.

Layers of concepts, memories, opinions, emotions and other things all distort what we see as reality. The more we can be aware of this, the more we can deal with reality instead of imagination.

Have a great day.