I really dislike going to the doctor, but I am going this morning because it is good to take care of yourself. Mature adults embrace healthcare and make taking care of themselves a priority in their lives.

Yep, Barbara is making me go.

It’s been a difficult few weeks, but here is a list of things that are going swimmingly.

The clinic I am going to is clean and modern and always gets me in and out pretty quickly.

If there is something wrong with me, I trust that the healthcare system we have in place will be able to help me quickly and effectively.

I don’t feel well a lot of the time, but I always feel well enough to take care of the things I want to take care of.

I am relatively unattached to how I feel as being a reliable indicator of the state of things.

It will cost money, but I can afford to pay for it. It may take payments, but none of this will cripple us. Many people cannot say this.

I have the freedom and flexibility in my work to be able to go.

I have a wife who cares enough to stay on me until I go.

Max is very empathetic and can somehow tell I am not feeling well. He rubs my hair and says “I’m so sorry. So sorry.”

I will have a good stretch of time to read on my Kindle while I wait. I enjoy time where I cannot really do anything else because I can read without thinking I should be working on something instead.

As always, this is all happening in my favorite city, in my favorite state, in a country with a stable infrastructure, on a planet with a stable orbit that is relatively free of collisions with large pieces of space debris, in a universe where things remain constant.

I don’t feel well, but this will pass, as all things do.

Make your own list, it will make things better. Share it in the comments if you are so inclined.