Welcome to the final Sunday Pop-Up, where I talk about whatever pops into my head.

Horror Movie Media

I think about the media a lot. I am pretty sure they hold us in contempt (whoever “they” are in this scenario). Think about it – a month ago everything was about how North Korea and Kim Jong Un were going to annihilate Guam and start World War 3. It was inevitable and imminent. We were going to die any minute. Then, when the hurricanes showed up and they had some other form of human drama and suffering to sell us, and Kim Jong Un and his missiles disappeared from the news cycle. Did he graciously stop threatening to bring about the apocalypse because there were two natural disasters headed our way? Did he take a knee to give us time to deal with that so it would be a fair fight? I am not saying that it was a fabricated story, only that the media seems to, at the very least, get to prioritize what terror is going to kill us each week. There’s always something. I think it’s a rogue planet crashing into us next week.

End of the World, Mowing the Lawn

I wonder what it is like in the life of the people predicting the end of the world right now. I always wonder about this as their anticipated date of destruction gets closer and closer. It must be hard to be trying to say your good-byes and have moments with the people you love when they don’t think anything is going to change. It must be hard to have these moments and resign yourself to the end of the world and then have to have conversations with the same people again. How do you go from meaningful hugs and tearful goodbyes to talking about college football and Game of Thrones again? I’m not making fun of them either – it really seems like it would be difficult.

Where’s Link?

This is all assuming of course, that they are true believers and not just professional trolls. Neither would surprise me. I am not sure about the profit of the troll angle unless it is just the joy of freaking people out and the attention you get. It can’t be positive attention though. I don’t know a single person in real life who is concerned about Niburu going all Majora’s Mask on us. Most everyone must make fun of them.

That’s it for today. Enjoy your last full Sunday before we all die.

Take care.

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