I chose the Whole 30 for our new way of eating because it’s a lifestyle change, and is very focused on intentional choices.

It requires a lot of time and preparation, and a lot of thought before eating. The one thing I miss about being vegan was how every meal required thought and creativity because I lived in West Texas.

Choices are everything, but they become mindless for us very easily.

We don’t think about what we eat, what we say, how we spend our time, what we watch and listen to. Everything that creates our experience of reality, and we don’t even consider it in any real way. We spend a lot of time on autopilot.

Making choices about what I eat has been hard, especially cutting out sugar in its dozens and dozens of different forms and names. I was very unintentional with my food choices for a very long time, despite a large number of half-assed attempts to do better. I ate just to feel full, not considering what was actually going into my body.

This has had consequences, but that is what choices do. No one inflicted this on me, it’s cause and effect. Basic math. It’s just how choices work.

I’m past the detox/miserable hell phase of the Whole 30 and I feel good. I am already a little shocked with how bad my eating choices were, and I can already see the positive consequences of these new choices.

Call it what you want.

Sowing and reaping, karma, 1+1=2, whatever.

It’s the way reality functions.

Choices have consequences.

Make them mindfully.