I think it is Tim Ferriss who I’ve heard say that if you own the morning, you own the day.

I doubt he’s the first or only person to say this, because there is a lot of truth to it. It seems like everyone who has a spiritual practice or a routine or ritual of any kind engages it first thing in the morning. There must be something to that.

I think how we spend our time matters, so it is important to me to give the first few minutes of my waking consciousness to things that matter.

To being mindful, to being grateful and to being intentional. I cannot exaggerate how much this has affected my days, and my life in general (gratitude is everything in and of itself, we’re about to do a series on that).

I meditate first thing, but it doesn’t have to be a formal practice if that’s not something you are looking for. Being mindful seems to be easier in the morning before everything kicks into high gear and while everything is just a little bit slower.

Have a specific time you get up every day.

Get out of bed with intention.

Notice the silence.

Feel your feet on the floor.

Hear the sound of the water as you make coffee or tea or whatever you drink.

Do something nice for them if you have people around you.

Clean something up, not judging it.

Stay off the internet.

Don’t look at your phone.

Leave the TV off.