Gossip is a tough one.

It seems to be present in almost every conversation. It has invaded every aspect of our lives, from work and home, to our political coverage. There are entire shows and even stations dedicated to it.

Why are we so drawn to gossip?

Why do we get such a kick out of knowing bad things about other people?

Does it make us feel better about ourselves to see others as being lower than us?

When it comes down to it, gossip is never about things that are our business. It is never constructive or helpful or useful.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not, once again, a high and mighty thing. I get caught up in gossip. Sometimes I have a hard time determining the line between speaking honestly about someone and gossiping.

Being mindful of what we are saying and why we are saying it might be useful when it comes to avoiding gossip.

Am I enjoying saying something negative about someone else?

That’s gossip.

Am I enjoying hearing something negative about someone else?

That’s gossip.

What would life be like if we focused on things that mattered?

On things that were good and helpful and kind?

What would rise up and take its place if stopped gossiping?