Money is a difficult thing.

I hear people say it doesn’t matter, but we live in a society where it determines our health, our safety, how our family lives, whether or not we get to take vacations for work (or even days off). It has a major impact on how people see us, and whether or not they take us seriously.

Money matters. To say it doesn’t is to admit privilege.

How can we be mindful with our money?

The first way is easy.

Stop buying shit you do not need.

Stop buying shit at all.

Buy food and clothes and put gas in your car. Buy the things you need to survive in a healthy way in our society, and nothing else. It is amazing how much peace this alone can bring us.

When you do spend money, spend it on others.

I cannot explain how much easier everything is when other people come before yourself.

Give money to those who have less than you.

Giving is a priority, not a luxury.

Stop comparing. Notice how much you already have, think about how much it would seem like a treat if you did not have it. Go through your stuff and see what you can rid of. Get rid of it.

Money is neutral, it’s not good or bad.

It’s a tool, nothing more.

We make it one thing or another with how we use it.

Use it mindfully.