Yep, I see the hypocrisy here too.

I’ll write this, and then post it on Facebook and LinkedIn. I used to post on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram as well. I may post this on Quora. I’m less reliable on there.

We have created an entirely new level of awareness for ourselves with our virtual networks and everything they entail.






So many ways to make us feel validated or invalidated, all through collections of people we may not even know, or should have forgotten about years ago.

But, like so many other things, these are neutral, it’s all in how we use them.

Staying in touch is useful and worthwhile.

Sharing cool things is fun and may be helpful to someone.

Learning is good.

Social media can serve these purposes if we let it.

Notice how you feel when you are on social media. Notice what it is you are looking for.

Are these things good? Do they make you a better person?

Notice the feelings associated with likes and shares and comments.

What are we training our brains to crave there?

Is this good for us?

We can be mindful with social media, even if it is geared to take this away from us.

It’s not easy, but it is possible.