I suppose it’s good to recognize the places where we are failing.

I’ve been compiling all of these into a word file so that I have them after genocidal AI shuts down the internet as the first step in its war against us.

The first post I did for this blog was about the goals I had for myself in the coming months.

I am pretty happy with most of what I’ve done.

My diet is better. Still not all paleo or keto, but much less sugar and much more actual food.

My website is up and running, and I have the podcast scheduled for January.

I am consistently learning to write more effectively. I am not even in the top 10 best writers on my Facebook feed, but I like my writing more than when I started.

Talking less still needs a lot of work, but I do notice I catch myself when I am talking many times, and simply stop. I’ll call this one a draw.

Being gentle though.

Like I said back in August, I think I am compassionate and I really do care about people.

I think being honest and direct (authentic!) with people is important, and shows them respect. I don’t think anything ever changes for the better if we run around hugging and telling each other everything will be okay.

I confront because I care.

A large majority of my clients seem to appreciate and even expect this, but I often wonder if there was a better way I could have said something or if I pushed a little too hard.

I know my language could use some tidying up.

I would like to work on being direct and clear with people, but doing so more gently and articulately. I am fortunate to have strong clients who are really there to work, so I get away with a lot, but I know there are ways I could do better.

So, today be mindful of how you speak to people. We’ve touched on it before, but ask yourself three questions before speaking:

Is this true?

Is this kind?

Is this necessary?

I like to throw in an additional one for myself:

Is it necessary that this be said by me?

Have a great day.