We get caught up in a lot of stuff in life, and much of it can seem overwhelming and terrifying and eternal.

Issues with friends or partners, things at work, the news, our leaders, other countries. Don’t get me wrong, these are problematic and they affect our lives, but I am not sure they are as big a deal as our minds make them out to be.

I like to think of the places I’ve been that are the farthest away from other people when these kinds of basic life issues arise.

Alpine lakes, groves deep in the mountains, wind driven plains out in the middle of nowhere. These places are as they are, and they have been this way for longer than any of us have been around. They change, but almost imperceptibly to us. Very little affects them in any real way.

These places help ground me, to root me in something bigger than myself and my problems.

I like the fact that they will be here long after me. I like that they will outlive Twitter and Facebook and job promotions and that thing someone said about me that one time.

They’re real. A lot of the things we worry about are not.