There are plenty of resources for anyone looking into Stoicism, the difficult part today was actually just narrowing them down. Here are a few of my favorites, everything has a link you can click.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. The most powerful man in the whole world keeps a journal, we get to read it. Insightful, intelligent, compassionate and, above all, useful. Meditations embodies what makes Stoicism a worthwhile philosophy. I really like this translation by Gregory Hays.

Ryan Holiday. I’ve mentioned him a few times over the lifespan of this blog, and I am grateful for his impact on my life, and the lives of others. Stoicism stands apart as a philosophy because it manages to be applicable and relevant to our lives. I have a distaste for philosophies that don’t offer anything apart from new ideas on what something may or may not mean. Stoicism certainly goes beyond this. Here are some worthwhile Ryan Holiday related links:

The Obstacle is the Way

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living: Featuring new translations of Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius

The Tim Ferriss Show, episode 4

The Time Ferriss Show, episode 179

Amazon’s Stoic Six-packs. Super cheap, super awesome. $9 for enough reading material to last the rest of your life.

The Daily Stoic website. This is such a phenomenal resource. If you are subscribed to my blog, you know that daily emails can start to blend together and that it is hard to keep things fresh, but I look forward to what I get from them every day. Always worthwhile.

On the Shortness of Life: An Introduction to Seneca. This was life-changing for me, I try to read it every so often. A profound exploration of the value of time and how we spend it.

The Tao of Seneca. A compilation of Seneca letters, in audio format. Very well produced and engaging. The only difficult part is constantly pausing them to make a note or write a quote down.

Anything and everything by Epictetus.

Looking Ahead:

We will wrap up our exploration of Stoicism this week with two more virtues and a look at Stoicism and compassion. I have the loose idea for a blog on Stoicism and mindfulness as well, I am just not sure if I will get to it this week.

I am in the process of trying to refocus Dying Daily, it is easy to get lost in the weeds when you are trying to crank out 500+ words every morning, but this has always been as much about the discipline and commitment as anything else. I see certain trends emerging as we near the six-month mark, so I am going to try to center on those more and more as we move forward.

Thank you for reading, I am grateful for every view, click, comment and suggestion.