Welcome to the Sunday Round –Up, where we look at stuff I have found to be cool or useful. I realized the last three reminded me of Tim Ferriss’ “Five Bullet Friday” emails more than I would like, so I am trying to switch it up and find a good format. You should sign up for Tim Ferriss’ Five Bullet Friday, while we’re talking about it.

A Documentary: Eddie-Strongman. This is a documentary about a guy working toward being the World’s Strongest Man. No matter what one thinks of his goal or him as a person or anything else, there is something to be said for having a goal and dedicating yourself to it without any distractions.

A Movie: Spotlight. I know, I’m always behind, it was apparently a big deal a while back. Apart from the content being important, I loved seeing what felt like an old-school movie. No gimmicks, no green screen, no action, just a compelling story with great acting. Well worth the time. Probably actually important to see.

An Article on Meditation: One of the best explanations of mindfulness, meditation and a generally useful perspective I have ever read. Read it a few times.

Just a Cool Article: This Russian family fled persecution, lived out in Siberia, and didn’t know about WWII.

Something Worth Seeing (if you live close to me): Palo Duro Canyon. I mentioned it in Monday’s blog, but in the context of being mindful in the midst of people who aren’t acting like I think they should. This place is beautiful, and exemplifies the idea that anywhere can be captivating if you let it. We get a bad rap for scenery out here in West Texas, but I love it. The little Burger Shop down in the canyon is great too. Really fortunate to spend a day there with my son.

Coming Up: This next week we will take a deeper look at a mindful lifestyle, the universality of pain and will begin to look specifically at Stoicism and what it can offer us.

Thank you for reading, have a great day.