Cool things from this week:

This video about just how prescient George Orwell was, and about his work apart from the things he is most well known for.

This song has always been one of my favorites, and got played a lot this week.

“You are a little soul carrying about a corpse.” Epictetus. Let’s keep things in perspective.

This book. Habits are everything, we are little more than the sum total of them. The Power of Habit looks at their formation and maintenance and how to change them from a neurological/scientific perspective. Also a troubling look into just how predictable we are as a species and how effectively advertisers and major corporations exploit this.

We survived the inauguration. Satan did not escape from hell, bringing death and pestilence in his wake, but a ray of light and a dove did not descend from heaven and anoint Trump the new Son of God either, so everyone was a little disappointed. Gravity still works, little has changed.

This photo gallery of all the cool shit we are and do as humans. It’s easy to hate people and focus on all the bad stuff we do, but we are really pretty awesome. Read Sapiens if you don’t believe me. We aren’t perfect, we aren’t even decent sometimes, but for a species that can’t fly or even keep our own hair from falling out, we’ve taken over the planet and gone into space. There are just too many cool things in this world and we are one of them.

Putting my phone down. I’ve cut my engagement with my phone by 78% this last week and it has greatly increased my happiness. I am hell bent on Max not becoming a zombie, so him not seeing me with my phone all the time is imperative. Get the Moment app if you have an iPhone or Quality Time for others, you’ll want to throw up when you see how much time your phone takes from your life.

I found out there is a John Wick 2 coming out soon.

Cool things coming up next week:

A new featured day on Dying Daily, “I Was Wrong Wednesday”, where I will look at all the things I have been absolutely dead-wrong about in my life, even though I just knew I was right at the time. Wednesdays may become my dad’s favorite day of the week.

Recorded mediations, very rough edition. I’ve had people ask me to record guided meditations for a while now and I finally got it done. I am not a techy guy, so they are very rough, but please get in touch if you would like to be one of the guinea pigs and give me feedback.

Have a great week, love your life and all the people in it.