This was super easy, except for narrowing it down.

I like documentaries a lot. I think it is really cool to be allowed inside these little pockets of life around the world.

Literally everything is interesting if you will let it be.

Anyway, my 5 documentaries. This year.

Welcome to Leith. This blew me away. I usually watch things in 4-7 sittings, but I watched this the whole way through all at once. And right when I was headed to bed also. White Separatists/Supremacists (real ones, not the way we are calling everyone who disagrees with us that right now) move into a small town with the intent of moving more and more people in to take over legally. The town, understandably, pushes back and it all hits the fan. Super fascinating people involved.

Happy People: A Year in The Taiga. I watch this over and over. Trappers who live in Siberia and what their lives are like. So cool to see how they live and how they survive. Werner Herzog is my favorite filmmaker.

Afghanistan: The Great Game. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to watch this, but I found it to be incredibly absorbing. I left with a tremendous respect for Afghanistan and the lengths its people will go to to be free. A very cool history.

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. I don’t care what people say about Tony Robbins, I dig the guy. I don’t fall in line with everything he says, but I think his desire to help others live fuller and happier lives is legit. Plus, he helped me feel a lot better about how I talk to people.

Planet Earth: The Complete Collection. We live on an amazing planet, everyone should watch this.

Just like the other two, tell me about the good documentaries you saw this year.

I will go watch them.