My goal has been to write these blogs in the moment and as I go, but days like today really make think I need a few in reserve to use.

So, pneumonia, and an infection to deal with. Hearing this did an odd thing, where my mind suddenly felt justified in being exhausted and everything felt just a little bit worse. I got more tired, I became acutely aware of my heart pounding, of being out of breath, of my head hurting, all sorts of stuff. The background noise became so much more noticeable.

I think it is interesting to watch how much our attention determines how we experience life.

The simple shift to acknowledgment of being sick changed my relationship to how I was feeling, and I had to make a conscious choice not to let it overwhelm me.

I did take care of what I needed to do today, but now I am home and I am going to get some rest. I am trying to evaluate what needs to be done and what I can let go. I didn’t get this posted this morning, and I’m not beating myself up about that.

We have to be open to changing our expectations of ourselves when we need to, and to making intentional changes in how we do things when necessary.

Everyday can be about doing our best, but what constitutes our best can change.

That’s all I’ve got today.