I am really tired of talking about intoxication so we are shifting gears.

I like dealing with reality as much as I can.

I am familiar with the different theories and ideas about how we can never truly engage it, but can only touch it through ideas and preconceptions and beliefs. I tend to agree with them.

We’ve talked about this in a couple of different ways over the past year. Our mind as a lens or mirror for reality, but never a direct apprehension. We are clouded by beliefs and preconceptions and prejudices and wants and needs and desires and simple refusals to accept things as they are. These are all things between us and a direct experience of reality. There’s even a small delay in everything we are responding to due to light having to travel a distance, no matter how quickly it does it.

This is why I encourage people away from intoxication. The mirror is already smudgy, the lens is cloudy – why make it worse?

There is a presupposition on my part here as well though: the idea that reality is in some way inherently superior to altered reality, or that there is something inherently good about being in touch with it. Some may disagree with me on this, and that’s cool. People do what they do, I really don’t have a problem with that.

For me, I choose reality.

As much as I can. I try to keep the mirror streak-free. This world is infinitely fascinating, there is never any excuse for boredom. Every experience deserves our attention, no matter how painful or uncomfortable or icky, simply because it is our experience. We are little outside our experience, it is what creates us and makes everything that we would call our lives.

It all deserves our clear attention.