“Why do you care if people follow-through on things?”

A few reasons.

For one, a lack of follow-through is one of the primary things I see disrupting relationships around me.

This is, usually, a female losing faith and respect for the male in her life, but it works both ways. A lack of follow-through cultivates a lack of trust and this destroys relationships. I believe relationships are the foundation of everything, including a stable society. I like to see them work.

For two, I see people feeling better about themselves when they are following through on things.

They have a reason to get up in the morning and they spend their time more wisely because it actually means something to them. They have a larger vision for themselves and their lives, and this translates into a life of purpose and meaning and value. They are happier this way. We are not happy when we are not taking care of our shit. I like to see people happy.

Lastly. My favorite thing in life is to help people find a way out of this trap society has all of us in where we exchange days of our lives for the means to keep living.

It is debilitating and soul-crushing to live within this exchange, and I like to see people escape it whenever possible. This isn’t possible without follow-through because everything that could help them find freedom dies in the gate.

What would you do with your life if motivation and passion weren’t factors?

Do you think you are doing everything you are capable of?

Are you delivering on what life expects of you?

If not, what is stopping you?