Let’s look at two scenarios.

Feel free to swap Disney World out for wherever you would love to go.

The first scenario.

Pretend you just got to Disney World. You saved up your money, but you only have a week there. This is probably a once in a lifetime trip for you. How do you spend the time there? How many days do you spend in your room watching TV? Do you sleep until noon? Do you miss the buses that take you to the parks? Do you take a day and just do nothing?

The second scenario.

Disney World again, but this time you get to stay as long as long as you want. You have an unlimited park pass, and you never have to go home unless you want to. How many days do you waste now?

My guess is that, if you were honest, you would waste some time in the second scenario. You would be all diligent and time-conscious the first few days, maybe even weeks, but human apathy would catch up with you and before long you’d be laying on the bed at 1 in the afternoon watching Judge Judy. I think this would happen to any of us if we were not conscious and intentional with how we spent our time.

For some reason, even though we know we will die, we treat life as if it will last forever. We know there is a checkout date, but we act like there isn’t.

We act like we will be here as long as we want to be, that every day is the same as the last and that we have time to waste. We take being alive for granted and act like it is nothing special.

Life is awesome, it’s better than Disney World or Peru or Alaska or Japan or Ireland or Beverly Hills or Antarctica. It’s even better than Mars. It’s better than all of these things because our ability to even have an awareness of these things exists within life.

Life itself outstrips any cool thing we can do within life, yet we waste so much of it.

Life is inherently superior to death, because we do not truly know what death will bring us.

One can have faith, but belief in anything beyond this is exactly that: faith.

This right here, right now, is for sure, and it is good and it is amazing and it is all you have.

Maybe there is a heaven, enjoy that when you get there. Right now, this is want you have. Enjoy that.

I don’t focus on death because I am morbid or dark or Hot Topic-y at all.

I maintain an awareness of death for the same reason I would want to remember that I have to leave Disney World in a few days.

I want to make the most of the time and see and do what I can in a limited time span. It’s even more important to do this with life because we only know that we have to leave at some point, we don’t even get the courtesy of being told when. It could be today or tomorrow or in 30 years.

Since you don’t know, get moving.

Life is a good thing, it’s all you have.

Any judgments or criticisms or thoughts about life you may have exist only because you have life in the first place.

Everything you have springs from being alive.

Don’t forget that.